Outpatient Therapist

I have been providing therapy to adults, teens and adolescents for the past decade.  I specialize in trauma, maternal mental health which includes post partum depression, infertility, miscarriage and abortion; intimate partner violence and parenting. 

Crisis Clinician

I have provided mobile crisis response services for Allegheny County for individuals and families experiencing a mental health crisis.  Additionally, I have provided crisis and prevention services for individuals with severe and persistent mental illness on a Community Treatment Team with the goal of keeping clients stable and safe in their communities.  I am currently contracted with FEMA as an Emergency Response Counselor for the International Relief and Development Department.


I have provided leadership in social service and mental health settings including a domestic violence counseling center, child abuse prevention and treatment clinic and pregnancy counseling center. This includes providing clinical oversight of all treatment provided, clinical supervision to all therapists on staff, grant writing and program development.

Academic and Research

Conference Presentations

Swartz, C., North Cook, A & Erbeldinger, S. (October 2015). Parent Child Interaction Therapy and Intimate Partner Violence. Presented at the Parent Child Interaction Therapy International Convention. Pittsburgh, PA

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Burke, M. & Swartz, C. (2005, November). Project to End Human Trafficking. Organization presented at the World Association of Non-Governmental Associations (WANGO), Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Invited Presentations

Swartz, C. (October 2018). Trauma Informed Classrooms for Elementary Students. Presented at McIntyre Elementary. Pittsburgh, PA

Swartz, C. (October 2018). Trauma Informed Classrooms for Elementary Students. Presented at West View Elementary. Pittsburgh, PA

Swartz, C. (October 2018). Trauma Informed Classrooms for Elementary Students. Presented at Highcliff Elementary. Pittsburgh, PA

Swartz, C. (October 2018). Trauma Informed Classrooms for Middle and High School Students. Presented at North Hills Middle & High School. Pittsburgh, PA

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Guest Lecturer

Duquesne University, Developmental Psychology I, 2006

Carlow University, Human Growth & Sexuality, 2007

 Research Interests

Program Director, Lutheran Settlement House, Bilingual Domestic Violence Program, Philadelphia, PA.

Provided management to the nation’s first on-site domestic violence program in a pediatric setting. Program goals are to make domestic violence screening a standard of care within pediatric settings, and to respond to those families with a positive screen.  The need for this program was determined by data on the pervasiveness of domestic violence, the interconnection between domestic violence and child abuse, and research by the American Academy of Pediatrics showing that one of the most effective ways to prevent child abuse and neglect is intervention in domestic violence.  Coordinated program proposal and implementation at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, training to pediatric staff on the overlap between domestic violence and child abuse and oversight to local and national program publications and conference presentations.

 Associate Director, Project to End Human Trafficking, Pittsburgh, PA.

Co-founded local non-profit organization whose mission is to work against forced labor and the sexual exploitation of women and children, and to provide psychosocial support to survivors.  Educated the general public on the regional, national, and international scope of human trafficking and forced labor. Engaged in research pertaining to trafficking with specific attention to the identified country of focus. Advocated for the provision of mental health services and other psychosocial reintegration support for victims of human trafficking. Collaborated with organizations working to eradicate human trafficking, including non-governmental organizations, governmental agencies, and grassroots advocacy groups.  Researched and applied for grants aligned with the PEHT mission.