The Far Reach of Trauma

Trauma is a hot topic these days.  And that's a good thing!  Except...not all understanding of trauma is equal.  Your therapist, your doctor, your yoga instructor--they (hopefully) all know that having a basic understanding of trauma is important.  They know that if you were abused as a child, the ramifications of that experience can be seen throughout a lifetime.  They know to ask you about it and probably write it down somewhere.

But a trauma informed clinician? They know there's more to the story.  A trauma informed clinician knows that trauma has the ability to take root into your history and then, with time, grow and stretch and sprout out over your life in ways you might not notice.

Having difficulty communicating with your partner?  Suddenly anxious as your child entered kindergarten?  Do you have a chronic health problem that's been difficult to treat?  If you have experienced a distressing or disturbing event in your life, trauma is likely playing a role.

You may have packed up and left your past behind long ago, but your trauma hitched a ride.  Ask your doctor or therapist more about how they understand trauma's role in our mental and physical health.